Our Fleet

RESCUE 2: 2000 E-One / Saulsbury Heavy Rescue

  • Our First Due for all Motor Vehicle Collisions, Technical Rescues, FAST Team and CO/Gas Odor Investigations
  • Seats 8 with 8 SCBAs
  • 8 Seek Thermal Imagers
  • Multi Gas Meter
  • First Aid Supplies and LifePack AED
  • FireAde Enforcer 10 (Suppression)
  • Carries Hurst Low Pressure Hydraulic Tools, various hand tools, FAST Team cache, Saws, Paratech Struts, Cribbing, Airbags, portable generators, Shoring, HazMat Equipment, etc.

ENGINE 4: 2009 Spartan / Rosenbauer Pumper

  • 1,250 GPM / 750 Tank / 30 Gal Foam (FireAde)
  • Our First Due to all Residential Structure Fires
  • Seats 6 with 5 SCBA Seats (3 Scott Sight Masks)
  • Bullard Thermal Imager
  • First Aid Supplies and LifePack AED
  • Carries full compliment of hand tools, PPV Fan, and Supply and Attack lines

ENGINE 2: 2005 American LaFrance Rescue Pumper

  • 1,500 GPM / 1000 Tank
  • Second Due for Motor Vehicle Collisions, Commercial Fires and the Mutual Aid Engine
  • Seats 8 with 7 SCBAs (3 Scott Sigh Masks)
  • First Aid Supplies with LifePack AED
  • Carries Fire suppression equipment as well as Hurst Hydraulic tools and HazMat supplies

LADDER 8: 1996 RD Murray / AI Ladder (Quint)

  • 2,000 GPM / 400 Tank
  • First Due to all Commercial Fires and Second Due to Residential Fires & Technical Rescues
  • Seats 6 with 5 SCBAs (3 Scott Sight Masks)
  • Bullard Thermal Imager
  • First Aid Supplies with LifePack AED
  • Carries Fire Suppression equipment as well as Technical Rescue Equipment and Hurst Hydraulic tools

M10 (EMS/Utility): 2015 Chevrolet 3500 Pick Up Truck

  • Our First Due to all EMS calls
  • Carries First Aid supplies and LifePack AED
  • Used to haul our Community Response Trailer

3- 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe SSV

1 - 2020 Chevrolet Silverado SSV

  • Chiefs vehicles
  • Emergency Response
  • First Aid Supplies and LifePack AEDs
  • Incident Command
  • Hand Tools
  • Used to haul Community Response Trailer

 M11: 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 



M6 : 2021 Dodge Durango

  • First Aid Supplies and LifePack AED
  • Forcible Entry Tools
  • Incident Command
  • Fire Investigation

Community Response Trailer: 2016 Utility Trailer

  • Carries toolbox with general tools
  • Carries Pumps and hose for flooding and house pump outs
  • carries traffic barricades and cones for weather relater support and road closures
  • carries generators to operate traffic signals in the event of power outages


The Town of Niagara Active Hose Fire Company is actively looking for driven, dedicated men and women who possess the mental and physical attributes necessary and are committed to selflessly and pridefully serving their community.     

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Banquet Facility Rental

Niagara Active Hose Company has a full banquet facility that can hold upward of 240 guests. Facility rental includes use of the kitchen.

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The Town of Niagara Active Hose Company trains on a weekly basis.  Each Monday night at 7pm our firefighters conduct drills or classes at our facility or one of the county training sites to sharpen our preparedness for any emergency.

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We provide Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical services, and Rescue services to the Town of Niagara. EMS, or Emergency Medical Services, is an integral part of firefighting.

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