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  • Sanctioned by the town board in April 1940 and incorporated by the State Fire Association, this group of  volunteer firefighters, under the leadership of their first Chief Nelson Houck, and first President Ray Shotz, held their meetings at the town hall and then at 3030 Panama Street until their own hall was built in 1951 on Lockport Road
  • In 1941, Active Hose owned a Larabee firetruck with a 400 gallon water tank.  As soon as funds were available, a tanker was purchased.  In 1946 a tanker truck with a 1,275-gallon capacity was added to the equipment and six years later a John Beam combination high-pressure and volume truck was purchased. Another truck of this type was added in 1955.
  • Active Hose Fire Company purchased their own equipment with funds received from the town ($24,000 a year). 


Response area



Line Officers 2024

  • John Guiher

    Fire Chief

  • Adam Hojnacki

    Deputy Chief

  • William Jasper, Jr.

    Assistant Chief

  • John Jasper

    Assistant Chief

  • Adrian Moeller

    Rescue Captain

  • Mary Jasper

    Truck Captain

  • Charles Smith

    Engine Captain

  • Joshua Lengen

    EMS Captain

  • Kristi Pilato


  • Derek Howes

  • Nick Henneberger

  • Shawn Kraft



  • William Jasper, Sr.

    Vice President

  • Laura Goodlander


  • Amber Guiher


  • Joseph Bowman 


  • Leon Guiliani


  • Patrick Barney


  • Derek Howes

    Sergeant At Arms



The Town of Niagara Active Hose Fire Company is actively looking for driven, dedicated men and women who possess the mental and physical attributes necessary and are committed to selflessly and pridefully serving their community.     

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Banquet Facility Rental

Niagara Active Hose Company has a full banquet facility that can hold upward of 240 guests. Facility rental includes use of the kitchen.

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The Town of Niagara Active Hose Company trains on a weekly basis.  Each Monday night at 7pm our firefighters conduct drills or classes at our facility or one of the county training sites to sharpen our preparedness for any emergency.

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We provide Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical services, and Rescue services to the Town of Niagara. EMS, or Emergency Medical Services, is an integral part of firefighting.

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